Bed Bugs Treatment

Speedy Bed Bugs Treatment

Let Us Help You Settle Into a Healthier Bed at Night

Bed bugs like to live in mattresses, sheets, couches, and carpets and feed off your blood while you sleep. They can stow away in your belongings while traveling and make your life back home miserable. Try not to disturb them, as that can drive them deeper into hiding. 

If you believe you have bed bugs, call Duran's Termite and Pest Control, Inc. at 760-347-2066 immediately. 

Trust Our Experienced, Certified and Licensed Team

If you see any blood stains or spots on your sheets and mattresses, they may be caused by bed bugs. Your will receive EPA-registered pest control methods and chemicals. If you have any problems between our regular services, we'll come back to fix the issue at no charge within 30 days. 

Safe and Convenient Bed Bug Treatments

For 100% elimination of your bed bug infestation, count on the professionals from Duran's Termite and Pest Control, Inc. to provide you with a tailored treatment plan, as each infestation is unique. Our treatments are 100% reliable and safe for your home and your family.
guaranteed satisfaction
within 30 days. 
Call 760-347-2066.
Contact us at the first sign of bed bugs to take care of the problem, or just have us come in as a precautionary measure to make sure they aren't lurking where you can't see them.
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