Agricultural Services

Top-Notch Agricultural Services

Expert Agricultural Proactive and Preventative Care 

When you need to protect your agricultural facility from unwanted pests, look no further than family-owned Duran's Termite and Pest Control, Inc. Dealing with pests on the farm or garden can be especially difficult. No pest problem is too big or too small for us to handle. Call us today at 760-347-2066.

Quality Bi-Annual Agricultural Services

  • April, March, October, November 
  • Monitoring and treatment to all Palms and Sago palm trees (quarterly program)
  • Botanical services, including weed control to turf and desert landscape 
  • Olive tree de-fruit (treatment upon bloom of tree/usually around March)
  • Prevention and control against ants (quarterly program)
  • Annual wood-destroying and pest termite inspection 

Extend the Life of Your Trees and Shrubs

With proper maintenance and care, your trees can last for generations. However, if pest infestation strikes, they could be gone in just a few short years. If you have pests affecting the shrubs and trees on your agricultural or commercial property, we can help. 

Our trained professionals can remedy the problem quickly. Service includes treatment for:
  • Thrips
  • Red spiders
  • Pine borer
  • Aphids
  • Spider mites and more
guaranteed satisfaction
within 30 days. 
Call 760-347-2066.
We use EPA-registered pest control methods and chemicals. Contact us today!
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